Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Denmark
Label: High Roller records
Year: 2021

“Denmark of The South” was a “goal” he promised that he would change the country into, an ex-prime minister of Greece speaking one dark day to his voters and 10+ years after this statement I haven’t seen any King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Pretty Maids, Altar Of Oblivion, Alien Force, Konkhra, Randy, Volbeat, Manticora, Artillery, Crystal Knight, Witch Cross or even Myrkur playing in my local bar or in Athens’ arenas…all I’ve seen is IMF, more taxes, poverty and Nazis rising and corruption like Greece turned into is something Colombia and a Banana Republic…Yet as wes speak about Denmark, well the country isn’t only wealthy as a state in terms of economy, but also rich in metal legacy and in Heavy Metal bands.

I believe that most of the aforementioned Danish bands are familiar to you and probably own many of their albums. Besides the King Diamond/ Mercyful Fate duo or Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich, that also comes from Denmark and are way too popular in the whole world, Witch Cross, Artillery and Randy are 3 names you should check immediately. Witch Cross’ 1984 album “Fit For Fight” is probably one of the Top 5 albums in the history of Danish heavy metal.

Their debut marked their career as the obscure gem was a well-kept secret of the global metal underground scene and after a big pause their sophomore album “Axe To Grind” in 2013 was welcomed by all fans of Heavy Metal but surely didn’t have the impact of their debut. Now Witch Cross with a steady line-up , as this one has been constant for the last five years return with the third strike entitled “Angel of Death” featuring founder/guitarist Mike Koch, co-founder Jan “little John” Normark on bass, Kevin Moore on vocals, Paul Martin on guitar and Jesper Haugaard on drums.

Witch Cross’ new album is a bit different to its predecessors. “Angel of Death” is darker, more atmospheric and more powerful than their 2 previous LPs. Lyrically they have once again two songs about the sea and warriors, a few songs about being strong and powerful and some about death and horror. Musically this time they tried to write longer and more epic songs, while the guitar riffs don’t lack on originality neither on how catchy they sound.
Check on but “Angel of Death” (with its northern melodies the excellent guitar riffs and solos), “Marauders”, “Evil Eye” (with its wild and out of control melodies) and the hit single “Phoenix Fire”.

A strong, well-crafted album from the northern veterans that still sounds inspired and relevant after almost 40 years in the game.