Genre: Occult/ Accoustic
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2020

I discovered Witchcraft a few years back, with the album “Legend”. It struck me like lightning, since I truly appreciate the occult rock elements in my music. When I saw that they are doing an album called “Black Metal”, with such a minimalistic, white cover artwork, I knew that there would be something completely different to what the title is all about. And I was proven right! “Black Metal” is nothing but black, or metal at all. It’s totally different from what we’ve known and loved Witchcraft for. It’s an accoustic album in its’ entirety, sounding like a mixture of Johnny Cash with Nick Cave. This doesn’t mean that Witchcraft’s magic (see what I did there?) is gone. It sounds sweet, quiet and chilling, but the atmosphere is sad, or maybe heavy. Witchcraft have been delivering various sounds and this one is a part of their progress. It’s not an album that I will be playing for long, at least for me, but it seems like a nice summer company, sitting in the yard and drinking wine under the stars.