Genre: Prog/Power Metal
Country: Greece
Label: 822832 Records
Year: 2018

Within Progress is a newly introduced and promising group hailing from Thessaloniki. Despite they have been in existence since 2014, 2017 marks the year they started being active; they performed with Sunburst in Thessaloniki and Larisa while they were preparing their debut E.P “Oceans Of Time”. Their music cannot be put under a single label. It contains various elements, such as progressive, power (especially when it comes to vocals), while there are also some spices from Tesseract and Gojira; melodies coming from the 2000’s. So, we have to do with a band of modern standards. “Oceans Of Time” includes 5 tracks. During its half-hour length, all previously mentioned elements are mixed and combined in a very sophisticated, structured way. Despite the fact that “progressive” is more about, hour long, technical guitar solos, in this case everything is in the right place and right time. My favorite track is “Bliss In Ignorance”, with no doubt. Recorded at Fireball Studios, Thessaloniki, while mixed and mastered by Joe F.K. Artwork created by Mariza Mad.


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