Genre: Doom
Country: Switzerland
Release: July 2022
Label: DIY

Almost three years after their last release, Swiss doomsters Wolf Counsel have made their comeback with their fifth record entitled “Initivm” and keep the flag of classic Doom high in times when Doom releases are coming at us with a dropper. Steadfast in the tradition they have created, they do not deviate from their given character even if there have been changes in their ranks. We are talking about people who take their role in the group very seriously and strive for the best possible result. In contrast to their passion, which seems to remain undiminished, changes are noted mainly in the vocals, where the arrival of the new singer changes their timbre, but not their direction. They still offer us pieces full of darkness and dust, which I think would live to their full potential if played live. I hope that at some point they will find their way to Greece. Structurally, the pieces are based on mostly slow and low-tuned instruments, which produce many but somewhat repetitive patterns. You get the urge of thinking that a riff you’re listening to now has already been heard in another track; however this is not necessarily a bad thing. I also like the faster moments scattered throughout the record, as they add interest and make the record flow more pleasantly. I think that those who follow the band from previous records will find a lot to enjoy in “Initivm”, while at the same time it is also a nice introductory record for anyone who’s not familiar with the band yet.