Genre: Crust
Country: Sweden
Label: Southern Lord
Year: 2017

Wolfbrigade (originally known as Wolfpack) are not just a band. Along with others like Amebix and DOOM, they were the parents of the crust genre (+ Hellbastard). Thus my excitement, while waiting for their new album, is totally understandable, along with, if I am to be honest, a slight concern. With more than 20 years of history and with some remarkable releases in the past it is only natural for the anticipation I felt, believing that this release will blow my head off, but I can’t deny that I was afraid that they might have grown “old” and lost the elements that made us love them as a band. I can gladly say that I was correct in my anticipation and that any fears I had were completely unfounded.

Like every typical crust album, it seems to be a short album, just under 27 minutes. But “looks can be deceiving” and, with songs that are never longer or shorter than they should, “Run with the Hunted” is just as interesting the first time we listen to it as it is the tenth time. That is to be expected though, with every track being a greatly written, every minute full of rage and energy, not allowing us to just sit and listen but dragging us to the mosh pit. The band from Sweden have managed to achieve perfection with this album, at least for their genre. Of course, the album’s production is equally important and it is just the way it should be, worthy of Wolfbrigade and their history. In fact, as a friend of mine recently posted on facebook, “this album shows us why good production is important for crust”. And even though it might sound like an oxymoron, crust is after all a sub-genre of hardcore punk, he is absolutely right.

An excellent come back from the Swedish band with my only complaint being that the more I listen to their new album the more I want to watch them perform live. But since that wish is kind of hard to become reality (at least for me), listening to “Run with the Hunted” on repeat will have to suffice, hopefully without me destroying my house because I was carried away by their music.