Genre: D-Beat / Crust Punk
Country: Sweden
Label: Southern Lord
Year: 2019

Here’s a band that grew gradually over time, successfully reaching the last crucial release. From the year 1995 until today they’re experimenting with this mix of d-beat mayhem accompanied with the appropriate melodies, scattered in the composition, which mainly lays in the extreme metal path, true to the Swedish music tradition as well, as it looks. Meaning that ‘The Enemy: Reality’, in addition to the usual black metal aura, it carries even pieces with riffs that bring to mind Judas Priest (I’m referring to “Hammer to the Skull” of course), and more generally, looks like a turn to more familiar and patchier hearings. Again, I am referring to the general trend of the band, over the years, to have a more unconventional although metal playing style, closer to crust punk let’s say if one has in mind 80s bands like Amebix, a combination of punk/metal as it became known from other bands as well, more specifically: a bit of Venom and Discharge in their best with faster and more complex drumming occasionally.

However, the above recipe took off for Wolfbrigade in their last release, although production has become more polished in certain parts and the same better musicians certainly, the album does not lose in feeling enough to distract you. The closure, for example, “Hunt The Hunter”, is raw af, “Walls Of Despair” and “Human Beast” are equally satisfactory for those who prefer their older work, but equally diverse and fun let me say as an album, with good meaning always (see. as was the case with Disfear after several more oldschool releases). Towards the end they probably show their teeth and that they still have it, however there is no filler on the record…