Genre: Black Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Artemisia Records
Year: 2017

The Americans Wolves in the Throne Room were, are and will be an exceptional case. The one and only reason is their now distinguished take on the favorably malleable genre of black metal. From the beginning of their course, brothers Weaver accompanied by different musicians at times and being known for creating with guests, managed to give a new essence to the world of black metal by suggesting a unique perception about nature and its spirituality while also maintaining a gradually evolving experimentalism towards crafting and incorporating earthly sound and atmospheres which enveloped the seemingly traditional backbone of their songwriting. This particular craftsmanship was perfected on their previous record “Celestite” and by incorporating a permanent member for the first time, a Mr. Kody Keyworth, and also having as unique special guests Anna von Hausswolff and Steve Von Till, they came to overcome their powers. Don’t fool yourselves. They didn’t do anything different than they always did. They just did it better than ever. In “Thrice Woven” they managed to classify themselves as innovators by using used tools. They proved that perfection is a new form of innovation. You may think you’ve heard this one before, but you’re really mistaken. It’s not easily perceivable and I would recommend listening to it more than once. This is the reason why I was so late in writing this review. The record’s overall aggressiveness, its folky nostalgia, the staggering alternations and its trans-somatic sonic mantle as a hybrid added to an inexhaustible epicness. I don’t know if that has to do with the genre or if those who play it are somehow special, but black metal’s limits keep on being indefinable and that’s always something fortunately exciting. However, for the time being I see Wolves in the Throne Room when I gaze at the horizon.