Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Lord of the Sick Recordings
Year: 2016

After 14 years in the grave, Womb of Maggots rise again with their second full-length album to proclaim the Decay of Humanity. The band is very tight and is delivering decent brutal death metal that will satisfy a strict listener (of that genre). The members of Womb of Maggots have accumulated experienced gained from time served in bands like Procreate, Slavebreed and Inactive Messiah, therefore whatever you hear (apart from the bass guitar maybe which is a bit buried in the mix) is solid. Their intros are amazing, their breakdowns are aggressive and their full force is shown actually in the “less” brutal songs like Peace in Victimland, or Human Disgrace. The star of the band is definitely the singer with his almost-perfect-to-my-liking pig squeals, and growls. The rest of the band is also very technical but not very innovative or creative as the guitar/drum themes are somehow been recycled throughout the album. As my friend Alex Plex is saying “the issue with such bands is whether or not you will push the play button a second time”. Well, I agree with him. I will push the play button a second time, and fanatics of brutal death should also do the same. The rest approach with caution, until their next one…