Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Year: 2020

Wombbath is another one legendary band among all those great groups that came from Sweden in the early 90s but never gained the reputation they deserved such as God Macabre, Nihilist, Utumno, Uncanny, Moondark, Dellamorte and much more. “Tales Of Madness” is their new, 6th album, via Transcending Obscurity Records and it’s sounds more than enjoyable. In such albums we don’t seek for modernisms but for pure traditional Swedish death metal the old school way. The classic sound that is close to Grave (and even Paganizer) is reflecting the glorious past. The Swedish crushing riffs alongside with the excellently performed brutal vocals from Jonny Peterson are creating a unique atmosphere but also so familiar to all of us who we are scavengers for such albums. Production is good for the genre and the artwork is really cool made by SV Bell. If we are seeking for highlights in the album I should suggest “Brutal Mights”, “Lavatory Suicide Remains” with its beautiful acoustic intro (before blasts take control) and “The Grave”. Eight songs (thirty five minutes length) of true and heavy music. Such releases can disappoint no one.