Genre: Death / Hardcore
Label: –
Country: Russia
Year: 2017

To a normal fan of death metal, or extreme sound in general, the words World Demise would earn a comment like “Dude… Obituary were so fucking great in that album” or something similar. That was until now though. Why? Because this year a Russian band called World Demise released their debut album. Their members come from other Russian bands: Internal Damage, Stubborn and Komato3. To be honest, my attempts to find more info on these bands (or their songs) was not really succesful, quite the opposite actually. So I can not compare this release to any of the other bands’ songs. I haven’t been able to find if they have signed with a label (though it seems more logical for them to be independent/DIY) and I don’t have a clue where to get their debut.

It’s only natural if someone says to me: so what the fuck do you know man? The answer is pretty simple. I know that World Demise are fucking great and that I haven’t enjoyed a brutal release that much in a long time. 4 songs with a total duration of 12:47 are enough for necks to be broken, sweat and blood to be spilled on the mosh pit and, if someone has long hair, a couple of conditioner bottles spent, simply because after so much head banging your hair will become one massive dreadlock that refuses to submit to your hair brush. What makes World Demise so special though is not their brutality or the “kick” of their sound, because, let’s be honest, that much can be found in many brutal bands. What made me love this album is the great balance they manage to achieve between technical and raw, making them anything but boring. Even if their self titled debut is short in duration the fact remains that I listened to it 20 times in 3 days and it didn’t get boring, not even once. I recommend it without any reservations to any lover of extreme sound, it is a sure way of exercising the back of your neck.