Genre: Funeral Death/Doom Metal,
Country: U.S.A.
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Year: 2021

Worm returns 18 months after “Gloomlord” an album too slow for my taste and probably too, funeral doom too. “Foreverglade” still moves on the same pattern (you can’t escape from your origin and Worm are hailing from the swampy recesses of Florida) as the OSDM elements blend with funeral doom, but now things are impressively better. The epic touches became more numerous (so as the black metal hints) and fit in properly with the gloomy and grimy character of the record. The song writing has been improved, the intricately use of synths create a strange and multiple surface on which upon the guitar solos, that could fit in any traditional metal album too, can shine easily with its glorious catchiness. The unsettling atmosphere and the suffocating aura are still present while now they elaborately avoid the trap of sounding one-dimensional. They tinker with the tempos and rhythms, twisting the speed featuring mostly mid-toned guitar lines, down-tuned chugs, clean high tone guitar solos and desperate guttural vocal lines full of low screams and miserable cries. Their influences are well-filtered and UK doom-death majestic determining elements dominate their aesthetic (check: Disembowelment, Evoken, Unholy, Thergothon and Ceremonium) and will bring in mind early Goatlord and Mortuary Drape to older fans. This album is a big step forward if not a great for the band. Worm succeeds to create a marvelous album, a sick chef-d’oeuvre, an ode to dark esotericism. A very high recommendation

Highlights: “Murk Above the Dark Moor” and “Empire Of The Necromancers”.

Worm are:
Phantom Slaughter: Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Bass
Nihilistic Manifesto: Additional Guitar / Solos
Dusk: Session Drums
Equimanthorn: Additional Synth