Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Bad Omen Records
Year: 2020

I grab the opportunity that these lads give me (as the writer, guitarist, and vocalist Colin Hendra is basing his lyrics on Christian faith) to say that even though this album is absolutely brilliant and plays for almost a month in my stereo, I won’t believe in God or become a Christian. I don’t give a shit about its lyrics, despite the fact that it might have been rather interesting for a lot out there. Not my cup of tea though, still I love their music, still I love this album. I just say it ‘cause many said a lot about Metal Invader covering Marduk or Mgla latest albums or even having a cover of them (Marduk) when we were printed. Back to Wytch Hazel and their 3rd studio effort. New Wave of British Heavy Metal is one of the richest sub-genre of Rock ‘ Roll, as from day 1 that appeared in our lives, it behaved like a giant cauldron, where miscellaneous elements and different influences were melted creating a unique result, that embraced a great spectrum of tunes. Wytch Hazel have done their homework perfectly. The best of influences of Thin Lizzy (“Dry Bones” and “I Am Redeemed”), Wishbone Ash (“The Crown”), Blue Öyster Cult (“He is the Fight”), Jethro Tull (“Ancient Days”) and a brave and healthy dose of Grand Magus-style epic metal singing is “III: Pentecost” in a nutshell. Still you have a lot to learn as the record spins in your stereo and many more to discover in its 10 excellent compositions. An album full of emotions, 70’s aura, great choruses, marvelous guitars and melodies and mostly great songs! “III: Pentecost” is definitely one of the strongest releases of 2020.