Xenos, Thrash, Italy

Genre: Thrash
Country: Italy
Label: Club Inferno Entertainment
Year: 2020

‘Filthgrinder’ is the debut album by the Italian thrashers Xenos. The mastermind of Xenos is Ignazio Nicastro, also known by Eversin. Being overproductive, Ignazio gathered next to him, Danilo Ficicchia (Eversin) behind the drumkit and Giuseppe Taormina (Athon, Crimson Wind) who handles the guitars, to record and release his more thrash songs that couldn’t fit in Eversin’s style. The result is a nine song (including an intro and an ‘awkward’ Megadeth cover) thrash album, that pays homage to the American scene. The group relies on semi-technical thrash riffing, with nice leads and solos, and catchy refrains. The vocals, with the strong and rough Italian accent, as well as the raw production brings in mind something old school and primitive. Jeff ‘Mantas’ Dunn (Venom) appears as a guest in ‘Birth of a Tyrant’ with his leads, while Simon Cobb (Anihilated) lends his yelling voice in ‘Of Magma and War’, the best song of this release. An honest and promising release, with great ideas, but with some flaws in the mix of the sound, that may annoy the listener. Can’t wait for their next (more mature for sure) try!