Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Listenable Records

Xentrix is one of the most respected names in Thrash Metal. This was mainly the result of their first 2 albums which are now considered classics. The next 2, without being bad, bring ‘wear and tear’ that leads to their disband in 1997. Their reunion brought an interest to the scene mainly because of their live appearances. Younger fans had the opportunity to enjoy them live. The news about recording a new record, I have a feeling it didn’t shock a lot of people. Let alone when the announcement of the departure of the singer/guitarist and founder member Chris Astley was announced. With this data and the prolonged record label absence, we can surely say that ‘Bury The Pain’ is surprisingly good. First of all, I would like to say that Chris Astley’s absence will not disturb anyone. Jay Walsh, who replaced him, is responding to the fullest. His vocals are strongly reminiscent of those of Chuck Billy and give him the necessary muscle in the compositions. From then on, we have 10 compositions that stand on the same level. Bass and drums give volume and stability for the riffs to stand upon and wreak havoc. Xentrix has never played an easy-to-understand and direct Thrash and this continues here without necessarily talking about labyrinthine structures. The album may be relatively large for the idiom but it does not tire in any way. They have also lost the intense references to Metallica that they had at their beginning. It is now closer to the modern Exodus and Testament. Of course, we’re talking about a return with meaning and substance. The cover is also excellent and although it looks a lot like an Ed Repka one, it does not belong to that artist. A dumbfound return with meaning and substance that sets the bar high for continuity.