Genre: Thrash metal
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Listenable Records
Release: Nov 2022

Just as Xentrix had revved up sometime in 2019 after a silence of several years, twenty-three to be exact, so they continue with the release of their new full-length album, entitled “Seven Words” and brought to our collection by Listenable Records. Maintaining the lineup of “Bury The Pain”, Xentrix present 10 new tracks and a cover of Alice Cooper’s “Billion Dollar Babies”, which concludes the album only in the case of the CD release. The British lads seem to have experimented a lot with their material and “played” a little differently with their ideas, taking some steps forward, without, however, forgetting their origins. Their tracks are characterized by a mix of many threads of Thrash, as expressed by bands like Metallica, Coroner, Forbidden, thus we come across different speeds, heavy melodies and alternations in rhythms. I believe that in this album, Xentrix have been a lot more elaborate in terms of guitars, as everything is executed in detail, especially comparing this record to its predecessor. There’s an abundance of riffs that hit you like a wave in a stormy sea. All this of course has been matched with the appropriate drums and bass and the voice of Jay Walsh, who at times reminded me of Chris Astley intensely. In terms of production, we are walking along very modern / contemporary paths, instead of the more organic sound of the 80s – early 90s. However, they reminded me a lot of Testament, so everything is under control. “Seven Words” is a pretty good album and I think it will satisfy many people. It has what it takes to create some “hits” for the band, but that also depends on the crowd, so give the album a chance and let the record spin. I’m sure you will have fun!