Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Rock ‘n Roll
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse Records
Year: 2018

Zeke’s biggest advantage is that they sound like they were formed a year ago by a bunch of 20year olds who are boiling inside to play their music. So what if they were formed in the early 90’s and in their current line up is members who have a discography from the mid 80’s? And so what if they haven’t released a full length for 14 years? Hellbender is from the beginning to the end a high speed race with the pedal to the metal and the band unleashing their dirty punk rocknroll with their familiar attitude. The sound and the whole style of the band brings in mind the 1998-2001 period, away from the gloominess and the mediocrity of Till The Living End and it would be a worthy successor to Death Alley but even now, it worth the wait. This album is the ideal soundtrack for races legal and illegal, action movies with high speed pursuit that end up in explosions and rockets launching to space. You can’t sit still and listen to Hellbender. You can’t be cool and relaxed while listening to Cougar Rock,Two Lane Blacktop and White Wolf. Not that any of the others songs are lesser. A big bravo to Zeke for releasing such a great album and doing so by a label that hasn’t release anything good in years; Wish they grow bigger and rip the planet apart touring because they kill live and their new songs are made this way. I think I used too many worthless, cliché words.  Listen to it now!