Zemial are well known to fans of the early ‘90’s scene, for their ever-changing sound and musical direction, as well as for their rare and eclectic live performances. Their releases have encompassed Black and Thrash Metal, Epic Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock all under that identifiable Zemial sound and style. Zemial will co-headline the Arcane Angels festival in Thessaloniki alongside Primordial. Their first show there after more than a decade. They will then bring their musical journey to Athens – their first show since their historic performance of 2011.

A full 90-minute show is scheduled for both concerts, thus, fans may rest assured that music from their entire discography will be presented on this celebrated return.

Arcane Angels has also announced a limited edition release, commemorating three of Zemial’s classic releases from 1992-1997, in the form of three cassettes, housed inside a carefully crafted wooden box package. The box will be offered at the festival and will be available at both Zemial dates in Greece exclusively. The limitation of the release will depend 100% on demand. Current plans deal with a limitation of 100 units, but we prefer to offer something of personal value to people, instead of crafting just another “cult prize”. If the demand proves to be greater, more will be made accordingly.