Decibel Magazine recently published an utterly interesting list about the drummers that besides the fact that they’ve devoted themselves to blasting drums, who also sing on live performances.

Many times those guys behind the drum kits have unfolded their vocal potential, attaching a certain stigma to each one’s bands.

Decibel distinctively reports that 2017 is the year of singing drummers (this may explain the absence of Fenriz and Nick Andersson) and lists us for a study great names, such as Proscriptor McGovern from Absu, Chris Reifert from Autopsy, among others.

Dimitrios “Archon Vorskaath” Dorian comes fourth on this list and not unfairly, since the combination of drumming and his vocals has always been a trademark for Zemial, which is also his main band. His appearances in a multitude of other projects such as Agatus – not to mention his drumming in the extraordinary recent album of Locust Leaves – raise the bar even higher and bring Archon Vorskaath up high on the Decibel list. Always good to read such stuff!

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